AT&T T-Mobile Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home ATT Cell Phone Booster Signal Repeater 4G LTE Band 12 17 700mhz Cricket ATT Cell Booster Home Cell Signal Booster Amplifier Antenna Kit 5000sqft FUSTAR

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Product Description

ATT Cell phone signal booster - BannerATT Cell phone signal booster - Banner

Fustar Cell Phone Signal Booster AT&T 4G LTE

is compatible with the 4G LTE Network 700mhz Band 12 and Band 17 for All North American Users.

The Cell Phone Booster Repeater Network Service is compatible with AT&T Cricket U.S. Cellular T-Mobile. The Specified operating Frequency is 700 MHz Band 12 & 17. That means, Your phone currently operating frequency should be the same as this cell booster’s, so the booster can connect the signals properly between the Cell Tower and Cell Phone.This ATT Cell Signal Booster Amplifier kit aimed at solving your Poor 4G Cell Reception,it improves your Phone 4G Data and enhances Calling voice quality. Stay connected and No more missed & dropped calls,Enjoy fast 4G Internet. Recommended for using at Home | Office | Basement | Garage | Village | Store | Remote Area | Suburbs…etc. Max. coverage up to 4000-5000sq.ft.

signal booster at&tsignal booster at&t

Cell Phone Signal Booster Amplifier AT&T for Home Office Basement

How does FUSTAR signal booster kit work ?

Outdoor LPDA Antenna captures signal from AT&T Base Station
The 50ft coaxial cable will then transfer that signal into the Signal Booster Device
Booster boosts signal to Indoor antenna via 16ft coax cable.
Indoor wall pannel antenna transmits signal to your Cell Phones.

Main Specification

Model: FS-WA70
Network :4G LTE
Operate Frequency: 700mhz
Frequency Band : Band 12 ,Band 17
Frequency Range:Uplink 698-716MHz;Downlink 728-746MHz
Booster Gain: Uplink 60±2dB; Downlink60±2dB (Max. 65dB)
Cell Service Provider: AT&T, Cricket,U.S. Cellular,T-Mobile
Compatible Devices: Android/iPhone/Tablet PC/Windows Phone
Coverage range: 2-4 Rooms, Max. 5000sq.ft
Outside Signal Source required: 2-3 Bars

Booster Technical Parameters

Indoor Hanging Wall Pannel Antenna

Outdoor Directional LPDA Antenna

Power Supply:110~240V input,12V output ,50/60Hz

Impedance: 50ohm

Booster I/O Port: SMA-Female Both

ALC(Automatic Level Control): ≧30dB(Uplink/Downlink)

Output Power: 17dBm(Uplink ),10dBm(Downlink)

Noise Figure ≤6dB

Signal booster antenna kit

Signal booster antenna kit

Cell Signal booster kit

Cell Signal booster kit

signal booster antenna installation

signal booster antenna installation

High Gain Cell Booster 65dB & Wide Coverages & Wide Usages

✔ Supports for Multi-user simultaneously

✔ High Gain 65dB Booster for Standard Home Use

✔Coverage up to 4000 to 5000 square feet for 2-4 Rooms with Good signals.

✔ The inside coverage will be various base on the Outside signal level,Building isolation effects and the Height of the outdoor antenna located.

✔ Recommended for using at Home | Office | Basement | Garage | Village | Store | Rural Area | Suburbs… instability signal area etc.

All parts included in the package

1 x Cell phone signal booster host (ATT 700mhz)

1 x Indoor wall-mounted pannel antenna

1 x Outdoor Directional LPDA antenna

1 x 16ft Indoor coaxial cable 4D-FB (N-SMA ends)

1x 50ft Outdoor coaxial cable 4D-FB (N-SMA ends)

1 x U-Bolt with Screws

1 x L Shape Bracket

1 x User Instruction Manual

Attentions for Installation

1. Outdoor Signal Source is Required 2-3 bars.

2. Find the Best signal location at the outdoor,

3. Place LPDA antenna 7-10 ft above the Building / Roofing.

4. LPDA should be towards the nearest AT&T Base Station where the signal coming from

5. Mount the Pannel antena on broad wall .Keep the indoor Wall Pannel antennas at least 7-10 ft away from window.

6. Thick Wall / high-density objects separate the Two antenna. The Isolation distance between the two antennas is 32ft , If not , signals is easily interfered

Kindly Remin: Before Purchase

How do i know the right signal boosterHow do i know the right signal booster

Kindly Remind :

The Cell Phone Present Operating Network Frequency should be the SAME as the cell booster’s (700mhz Band 12 / Band 17)

The Outdoor Original Signal is able to receive 2-3 Bars, so that cell booster can connect with the signals properly between the Cell Tower and Cell Phone. If not, the booster can’t operate the signal as expected.


Q1: Why my signal booster can’t improve signal inside the house ?

A: Please check if your cell phone receiving signal is the same as the signal booster’s ( 700mhz Band 12/ Band 17) ?

– a) Yes , but not work , please check if both of the booster and power supply powered on normally and if the antennas installation correctly as suggested ?

– b) No , I found the cell phone network frequency is different from the signal booster’s.then contact seller for Return / Replacement.

Q2: Although both of the cell network frequency and installation are correct, the signal booster not improve signal, Why ?

A : When this happens, turn off the DC power adapter firstly , and then try to adjust of the Antennas isolated distance / Outdoor antenna’s height/ Change the antenna to a better place. If the trouble still can’t solved ,please send message to us. We accepted 30 Days Return without reasons,3 Months Replacement for defective product.

Q3: What does it mean when the booster indicator red light is on ?

A1: It is not defective. If the booster keep blinking green / steady red light and signal not improved , it mostly becauses of the Outdoor antenna is too close to the indoor antenna signal interference. or, There is space signal interference happened , so the Booster AGC stay on Over power or self-oscillation, so , the signal not improved temporarily .

A2: Solution: Turn off the DC power adapter, Move the outdoor antenna further away from indoor antenna. Make sure the two antennas separated by walls and the isolated distance 25-32ft as suggested. Restart the power supply. If not help, contact seller for other solutions.

Q4: How to register the booster with Serial Number ?

A: Not all of consumers are required to register the booster. It depends on the requirement at your location.

The Guides to signal booster Registration:

Step 1: Open the following registeration link given ,

Step 2: Find out cell carriers(AT&T) that compatible with your booster. Click and Enter

Step 3: Fill in your Location informations as required. and fill in Booster’s Serial Number .Very easy to register.

Please note : Serial Number is the FCC ID ( you can find FCC ID on the Label of cell booster device ).

▶【Clearer Voice & No More Dropped Calls】The att cell phone booster signal repeater can improve voice quality on the 4G network of 700mhz Band 12 Band 17 for ATT T-Mobile Cricket US Cellular Straight Talk. Makes your 4G calling signals stays connected, and enhances the voice calling quality.No longer need to be near the windows or go outside to make phone calls.Say goodbye to missed and dropped calls.Enjoy Great time at home
▶【65dB Gain & Stronger Antenna LPDA】Standard Home Use 65dB.The at&t cell signal booster has excellent features includes Auto Gain Control,Oscillation Elimination,Low noise.The 50ft 4D coax cable is high speed transmission,can be extended to 100ft Max.The Outdoor Directional LPDA Antenna has the stronger reception ability among various antennas.The LPDA antenna will be the more effective when you are receiving the same signal source outdoor. LPDA should towards the ATT Cell Tower.Easy to Set Up
▶【Powerful Cell Coverage】The at&t mobile phone signal booster amplifier kit will fill an area inside the house of 4000-5000 sq.ft.with Good signals.Please note,Any interior walls between the cell booster and the cell phone will weaken the signal.The inside coverage will be various base on the Outside signal level,Building structure isolation effects and the Height of the outdoor antenna located.The at&t cell signal booster amplifier can solve your cell reception problem.Enjoy Nice Time at home
▶【Supports Multi-users & Devices & Wide Usages & FCC certificated】The at&t cell phone signal repeater work with Any brand of iPhone Android Windows Phone.Supports for Multi users simultaneously.Perfect for using at Home Basement Garage Office Village Store Suburbs Rural area..the signal instability area etc.Passed FCC authentication certificated,30 days Money Back. 90 Days Replacements for defective unit. If any Questions or Your Using Experience less than perfect in Anyway,Please do contact us


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