Bhushan Kumar’s wife Divya Khosla Kumar responds to Sonu Nigam’s allegations; asks him, ‘Do you have relations with Abu Salem?’ | Hindi Movie News


After opening up about the mafia in the music industry, Sonu Nigam took to social media once again to slammed the politics in the music industry and threatened T-Series honcho Bhushan Kumar to reveal all his dark secrets from the past.

Responding to all the allegations levelled against her husband Divya Khosla Kumar took to social media to share an 11 minutes 50 seconds video wherein she accused Sonu Nigam of ‘selling lies’ to grab everyone’s attention. Not only that but Divya even called Sonu ‘thankless’ as her husband’s company was the one which had launched him in Bollywood.

In the video, Divya even pointed out at that ‘97% people working in T-Series are outsiders’ even question Sonu ‘if he has given anyone a break in the industry?’ Furthermore, she added, “He used to sing in Delhi’s Ramleela for Rs 5. It was there that Gulshan Kumar spotted him, recognised his talent and gave him a flight ticket to Mumbai.”

After that, Divya slammed Sonu’s claims of Bhushan asking him to record a song for his company when they were in a loss. Divya said, “When Gulshan Kumar was assassinated, Sonu Nigam left T-Series and joined another music company, instead of helping Bhushan during the trying times.”

Well, that was not all as she even questioned Sonu on his claims of Bhushan asking for his help to save himself from Abu Salem. She asked, “Why would Bhushan come to you to save himself from Abu Salem? Do you have relations with Abu Salem?” and even requested for an investigating in this matter.

Not only did Divya blast Sonu with all these questions but even revealed that her husband Bhushan has been receiving death threats while she has been receiving rape threats and even their kid has been threatened.

Calling Bhagavad Gita her inspiration to come out and slam all these allegations made against her husband by Sonu, Divya ended the message declaring that the war is on.


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