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Being self-quarantined at home from the past four months has made us miss our friends more than ever, especially, today on Friendship Day. ETimes caught up with Bollywood’s gorgeous and talented actress Amrita Rao for a candid chat where she opened up about her definition of friendship, her best friend, and her friends from the industry. Excerpts from the interview…

How would you describe friendship?
True friendship has no vested interests. They are developed purely out of your instinct, rapport, and fondness for someone’s nature and personality. Hence, the purest friendships are often also those that are formed with school friends.

Do you celebrate Friendship Day?
From the past nine years, I celebrate friendship day every single day with my best friend and life partner RJ Anmol. It has been from our dating days till now.

How do you ideally celebrate this day with him?
We spend time lounging at home and cooking something together and then one drive to the promenade at Bandstand, which is my favourite place to hang out.

Vikram Bawa_20190107_001067_Amrita Rao and R J Anmol

What are your fondest memories together?
There are so many but I most treasure those drives in town with Anmol and grabbing fast food like pasta in the car or snacking at cafe Mondegars in Colaba.

Do you have any childhood bestie with whom you are still in touch with?
My childhood bestie is my cousin Neeta who stays in America. She comes here almost every year and yes I have many amazing memories of girly pajama night outs at her grandfather’s house in Bandra and conversions with her about guys she had a crush on and those typical fun teenage curiosities.

Do you have any friends from the industry? What kind of bond do you share?
The industry is a place where everyone comes in your life through professional requirements only hence I have many mentors, gurus, and people who I’m very fond of here. Those I have kept in touch with are all people whose company I love and respect, irrespective of any vested work-related interests, and my director Farah Khan is definitely one of them.


Gone are the days when people said no two actresses can be friends – do you agree with this statement?
I know one thing for sure that I can be a very good friend to another actress. That’s if I get the same vibe and reciprocation from the other. Since childhood, I’ve surely never embodied the quality of jealousy, and praising another girl for her talent, achievements, or beauty comes effortlessly to me. Also, professionally, I believe, whether a film as a whole or a scene, it works only when everybody is 100 percent at their best so I have zero insecurity. However, from my personal experience, they are all very good to you as long as you’re not a direct threat to their professional space. Most of them are fiercely competitive and it’s scary sometimes. So I’m still looking out for that actress in my contemporary whom I can be great friends with.

Have things changed for you and your friends after you entered Bollywood?
Yes, I have lost contact numbers and traces of many of my school friends that I had before I became an actress. They might be apprehensive of connecting with me though I hope not.

What are the things you miss doing that you loved doing before you entered the film industry?
Well, I sneak out and camouflage and do almost all things I can but I miss the campus, the classroom benches, eating samosa pav at the canteen for sure.

Did you pull off pranks and bunk lectures during your student days with your bestie?
I was too studious and a frontbencher always.

What is that one song that best suits your friendship?
It has to be ‘Dil Chahta Hain Kabhi Na Beetey Chamkeele Din’ from ‘Dil Chahta Hai’.


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