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Saroj Khan was somebody who was held in high esteem in Bollywood. Everyone in the industry spoke highly about the ace choreographer. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, actress Daisy Shah opened up about working with the late dance master in a show, her fondest memories with her and more. Excerpts…

How was your experience working with Saroj Khan?
I have only worked with Saroj Ji once in my life and in the one time that I worked with her, I learned so many things. When it comes to a woman’s expression, I don’t think there’s anyone who did it better than Saroj Ji. She aesthetically understands sensuality and as a choreographer, nobody else could portray women the way Saroj ji did. We have so many legends made by the legend herself.

How would you describe her as a dance master and as an individual?
She never really had two different faces. She was the same in every way. I’ve met her outside so many times and the way she used to talk was the same. I have never met Saroj ji when she’s not instructing someone, she’s always ready to make you understand, she’s always ready to help you improve. If you know something and you think you’re an expert, Sarojji will come and make you improve on that too.

Is there any fond memory of the ace choreographer you would like to share with us?
My fondest memory was when I was doing a show with her as a dancer and I was dancing to one of Rekhaji’s songs. The way she showed it to me and the way she explained the steps to me, she literally sat with me for 45 minutes just to work on the expressions. That is something I will never forget- her attention to detail and her strive for perfection.

What is the one thing that you will miss about Saroj Khan?
There isn’t just one thing I’m going to miss about her. I’m going to miss her as a whole. For the person, she was, for what an amazing choreographer she was, for the amazing individual that she was. Also, the amazing songs she has given us as an industry and audience. There is no comparison. I’m going to miss Saroj Ji and I will cherish all the fond memories I have of her.

What is your favourite dance number choreographed by her?
There are so many songs. I can’t name just one. There’s ‘Chane ke khet mein’, ‘Humko aaj kal hai’, ‘Ek do teen’ and others. These are all legendary songs and I can’t pick just one favourite. I love all her songs from the 90s to the 2000s.

Bollywood has lost many gems this year. Your views on the same…
It’s a very sad fact that Bollywood has lost so many gems this year and I can only hope and pray that we won’t lose any more. This is enough. We don’t want any more amazing personalities to leave us. It’s just heartbreaking and I just wish more Bollywood legends wouldn’t leave us. This is not a thought, it’s just a prayer.


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