Exclusive! Director Chethan Kumar wishes Dhruva Sarja a speedy recovery from COVID-19; says, ‘My friend is always brave’


Sandalwood’s Action Prince Dhruva Sarja and his wife Prerana have been tested positive for COVID-19 and have been shifted to a private hospital. Recently, Dhruva Sarja lost his brother Chiranjeevi Sarja, who passed away after a heart attack. Now, the actor who was spending a lot of time at home with his family, grieving for his late brother, has been infected by COVID-19 along with his wife. He shared the news on Twitter and warned people who had been in contact with them during the last few days to get tested as well and be safe. Director Chethan Kumar who is a good friend of Dhruva Sarja spoke to ETimes exclusively and explained the situation while wishing for the speed recovery of the couple.

“After hearing the news, I felt very bad and spoke to him immediately. He had been feeling unwell since yesterday, and had even got himself tested for COVID-19 which unfortunately turned out to be positive. As he stays in a joint family, everyone is being tested, and we should wait for the results. Recently, they lost Chiranjeevi Sarja which was a big shock. My friend is always brave and courageous, he has the capability to face and overcome everything. Lord Hanuman’s blessings will always be there with them, and I wish for their speed recovery,” said Chethan Kumar.

Dhruva Sarja and Chethan Kumar have worked together in super hit movies like ‘Bahaddur’ and ‘Bharjari’ and have been friends ever since. Dhruva Sarja is currently busy with the most anticipated movie ‘Pogaru’, and the trailer and songs have already created a huge buzz for the movie. This film is all set for release after the Coronavirus pandemic is under control. Meanwhile, the actor has also signed a new movie with ‘Pogaru’ director Nanda Kishore.


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