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Actress Sunny Leone is currently in Los Angeles with her husband Daniel Weber and kids, Noah, Asher and Nisha. She headed back to the US amid lockdown to keep her children safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Sunny keeps sharing adorable pictures and videos from LA with ‘little nuggets’ on her Instagram handle and they are simply unmissable. Meanwhile, she has also resumed work and shared a picture from one of her dance shoots recently. Sporting a silver dress with the background dancers performing in masks, Sunny wrote in her post, “Who says work can’t be fun!!?!!”

In an exclusive interaction with ETimes, the actress spoke about the song and the precautions she had to take while shooting for a song amid lockdown. On being asked how she managed to shoot while practicing social distancing, she said, “We were very good. I made sure that everybody had proper masks and the studio itself had very strict guidelines. All the people were really safe and everyone wore masks the entire time.”

Further talking about the strict rules and precautions, Sunny said that they had sanitizing stations around them. “Everyone was wearing masks. No one was allowed to enter without wearing one. There were only allowed a certain amount of people in the studio. We had sanitizing stations and everything was clean. Everyone was very cooperative about everything that was going on, which is great.”

She further also added that it was a ‘different’ feeling of shooting after several months. “I think for anybody who gets to work the first day is overwhelmed and overjoyed because you just want to get back to work. But it was a one of. I mean when you are secluded and not around people for so many months, and then you are around people, it’s a different feeling,” said Sunny.

She often shares Nisha, Noah and Asher’s pictures and videos with masks. Speaking about them, she said that she feels blessed and happy that her kids listen to her. On how are her kids adapting to the new normal, Sunny said, “I started training the children to wear masks while we were still in India. I bought the masks, we would wear them in the house, make it a game because they are very small. It would be very difficult to explain to them one day that ‘okay, you have to wear a mask’ and they hadn’t seen it before or hadn’t touched or played with it. So these little things, we practised wearing it out and about when we didn’t have to wear it. They are so small that they don’t really know anything different and of course the second we tell them to take their masks off, they take them off in a hurry (laughs). But they are very understanding children and they are mask trained. I am very happy and blessed that my children listen to me.”


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