Fans ask Ankita Lokhande to be strong as they feel a part of Sushant Singh is still alive in her | Hindi Movie News


Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande were in a relationship with each other for a long time before they finally parted ways for reasons best known to them. Although they had moved on with their respective lives, they still loved and respected each other.
After the tragic demise of Sushant, fans have been sending touching messages to Ankita on social media asking her to be strong as according to them a part of Sushant still resides in her.

One of the moving comments we came across on social media read, “I HAVE NOTHING BUT UTMOST RESPECT FOR YOU. Thank you for loving Sushant and for supporting him. I think besides his family, only you ever truly cared about him. You were loyal to him, you stuck by him in his struggling days and never left his side till he ended the relationship. This must be so hard for you! I never met him but even I think about him constantly and can barely stop crying! This feels like such a heavy painful loss even to people who never met him. He was a beautiful human being Ankita and I think you deserve some credit for that. He spent 6 years of his life with you.. he spent his prime youth with you. I’m sure your goodness and grace helped him become the amazing man that we all knew and loved. Stay strong Ankita, for Sushant’s sake.”

Elaborating more, it further said, “YOU WERE THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE and I’m sure he would hate to see you like this. Please be happy and live every day for its fullest. Sushant is not dead. He is alive in you! I’m sure he is watching over you and would love nothing more than for you to flourish. Ankita, Sushant achieved a lot in his life and he was yet to achieve a lot more but Ankita you can achieve for him! By fulfilling your dreams and being the best version of yourself. Ankita he loved you and you were a part of his heart. Remember a part of his heart is alive in you. Don’t let that heart be sad. My best wishes to you.”

Meanwhile, Ankita and her beau Vicky Jain have limited their comments on social media.


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