Father’s Day 2020: ‘I have inherited my passion for music from my father’, says Tulsi Kumar as she reminisces the time she spent with her father Gulshan Kumar in her childhood | Hindi Movie News


Being the daughter of late music Moghul Gulshan Kumar, it was obvious for Tulsi Kumar to lean towards music. While she misses his physical presence today, she says his teachings and blessings still guide her. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Tulsi opened up about her fondest memories with him, the song that she had dedicated to him and more. Excerpts…

How close were you to your father?
I was extremely close to my dad. I think all daughters are very, very close. But I’m the youngest in the family and I think I was my father’s pet. So I was the closest to my dad.

What are your fondest memories with your father?
I think every moment that I’ve spent with him because I just got 12 years of my life to spend with Papa because he left us when I was just really young. I have attended a lot of TV shows and reality shows that I have attended with him. I think every moment spent with my dad is extremely special and close to my heart.

What are the qualities that you think you have inherited from your father?
Papa had some amazing qualities. He was a very spiritual person. He was very passionate about his work. He was a completely self-made man. At the same time, his generosity and kindness were two aspects of him that really defined his personality. He would help any and everyone who was in need. He would give the opportunity to all the upcoming talents, that too at a time when only a few were ruling the music industry.

What I have inherited from my father is my passion for my work which is my music. I also have a good ear for music like papa. Basically, my love for music is something that I have inherited from him. I try to follow all the things that he has taught us. I think you imbibe a lot of things from your parents naturally.

What is that one thing you miss about him?
I miss his physical presence with me. I know that his love and blessings are always there with me and that is what makes me work harder. I also know for a fact that I need to work extremely hard to make him proud.


Your favourite song of him that is close to your heart?
All the bhajans that papa performed to are my favourites. Amongst them, I really like ‘Subah Subah Le Shiv Ka Naam’ in which Hariharan has given his vocals and papa has performed in the bhajan. I also love the Hanuman Chalisa. It is the first devotional chant that crossed one billion views.

What do you do on his birth anniversaries and other such special occasions in his memories?
On papa’s birth anniversary, we distribute food. However, this year I couldn’t step out and distribute food but I offered sweets to God in my home temple. I do that every year. But every year, we as a family go together and distribute food to people and children who are less fortunate.

Do you tell good stories about him to your kid?
I do mention naanu to Shivaay all the time. There is a picture of my dad in the temple and every time he goes in there I show him that this is his naanu. I tell him that once he grows up he should become like his naanu because he was a man who did some great deeds.

Which father-daughter jodis in Bollywood do you really look up to?
Any father-daughter jodi is really beautiful. It is a bond that can’t be explained. It is extremely special. This relationship is very exceptional and it is something I miss.

Were you a naughty child when you were a kid?
I was not at all a naughty kid. I was pretty shy and docile. I would listen to my parents. As I grew older, I started having opinions of my own and I had slight arguments which all kids have at some point. Otherwise, I have overall been a decent child.

One song you would love to dedicate your late father?
I did dedicate a song. It was a special rendition called ‘Mere Papa’. And this was a dedication by me, my brother Bhushan, my sister Khushali to our father, Sri Gulshan Kumar. This was a dedication to my father, but a lot of people have connected with the song because it’s an ode from children to the fathers. There are a lot of songs made on moms and the love that they give us. But very few songs are made on the kind of love and whatever our fathers do for us. So ‘Mere Papa’ is a very special dedication from my end.

Any message you would love to give to your fans on this occasion?
I don’t personally think that there is one day that can celebrate such an important relationship in your life. This is a very different concept of dedicating one day to a relationship and calling it Father’s Day. For me, every time I achieve something, every time I fall or fail at something, every time I look back at my mistakes and learn from that – in every phase and moment I miss my dad and I wish he were with me to guide me.

All the people out there, who are blessed with both their parents, give them all the love, not just one day but every day of your life. Respect them and value their presence in your life. I hope everybody is safe indoors and taking good care of themselves. The times are not very good but we all need to be positive, calm and happy.


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