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Kirti Kulhari might be close to both her parents today but growing up, she was just daddy’s little girl. On the occasion of Father’s Day, she opened up exclusively to ETimes about her fondest memory with her father Khyali Ram Kulhari who is a retired Commander from the Indian Navy, her first tattoo she dedicated to her dad and the qualities she admires in him. Excerpts…

How close are you to your father?
I am very close to my father. I was closest to him when I was growing up. He was always there for me. But now, I am equally close to both my parents.

Do you usually celebrate Father’s Day? If so, how?
No, I usually do not celebrate any day as such. I wish my dad on Father’s Day because he gets excited about it. However, otherwise, I do not do anything special or feel for this particular day.

What is your idea of an ideal day with your father?
My dad loves food and the sea. So my ideal day with my dad would be to actually drive with him to a beach, eat some delicious food on the way there. He loves to eat fish. I would love to take him to eat some nice fish somewhere close to the beach. It would be lovely to spend the evening in the waters and watch the sunset with him. And then finish the day with another meal with him.

What is that one word that would describe your daddy dearest perfectly?
The way I see him today, I would say the word ‘Child’ would describe him perfectly.

Three qualities of him that inspire you…
My dad is somebody who is always there for people- whether it is his family, relatives or friends. He is always there for everybody. He is enthusiastic about the things he wants to do. He has this unlimited energy. He just doesn’t get tired of going after things that he really wants to do. He has this never-dying spirit that I actually like.

When we were growing up, he made sure that we made the most of every opportunity we had. He pushed us to grow as an individual, to develop our personalities and not let go of any chance that could add value to who you are. When it came to us kids – he never forced his views on any of us in what we wanted to do with our lives.

What is that one habit of yours that he absolutely dislikes?
He doesn’t like the fact that I don’t listen sometimes. I am very strong in my opinions and I don’t listen to others. So maybe he doesn’t like that about me.

Were you a naughty child?
I wasn’t a naughty child. I was a very reserved and quiet child until the age of five. I was very shy and I won’t talk to people. After that, I became a little less reserved and introverted. I started participating in a lot of activities in school and started giving me confidence. I started doing well in everything. It is like a 360-degree turn. I don’t think I was a naughty child at all. I was rather quite sincere.

I was amazing at sports. I started playing badminton when I was in the second standard. I was good at extracurricular activities. I was good at studies too. I had a lovely childhood.

Tell us one of your fondest memories with your father to date.
One of my favourite memories with my father is when we used to live in Thane. My dad used to always encourage us kids to go and learn new skills. He had made my elder sister and me join a kathak class. He used to take us on his scooter. He used to wait until the class was over and then bring us back. That scooter ride used to be such an exhilarating experience for a child like me. I used to look forward to those classes and that scooter rides with my father. It is one of the favourite memories I have with my father.

We have heard that your tattoo has some connection with your father. Can you tell us about it?
My tattoo says, ‘What is problem yaar?’. Every time we catch dad doing something that we think is not okay, like he is diabetic and when he eats extra sugar and when you are like Papa! He goes like, ‘What is problem yaar?’. So he just makes it like, year what’s the problem?

When I was planning to get my first tattoo done in Peru, South America, my husband Sahil came up with this idea that why don’t you get this done. He was like you are very close to your dad and your father says this. The whole meaning of this is like, ‘Hakuna Matata’. It is like saying everything is going to be okay, but in his way. I found the idea very interesting and it was perfect for my first tattoo. It will always remind me that what is problem yaar, everything is going to be okay.

Which other father-daughter jodi do you love in Bollywood?
I think Vidya Balan is very close to her father PR Balan. I have really loved seeing them together in films and stuff. I also like Alia and Mahesh Bhatt or even Pooja Bhatt. I like the vibe that they share.

What is that one quality that you would like to inherit from him?
The quality of being there with everybody and not thinking about yourself at any point in time is something that I would like to inherit. I really admire this quality in him and I would like to take some part of it, not the whole.

One song you would like to dedicate to him on this occasion.
I think because the role is kind of reversed now, I would like to dedicate the song, ‘Aa Chalke Tujhe Main Leke Chalu Ek Aise Gagan Ke Tale’. It is very apt and true. That is the kind of world I would take him to actually.


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