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The sonder cutting board leans against a stone kitchen backsplash surrounded by other cooking accoutrements.
Photo: Sonder Los Angeles

Sonder Los Angeles Motley Cutting Board ($65 at the time of publication)

You can find a gorgeous, artisanal cutting board at any craft fair, but be prepared to spend a bundle. If someone in your life needs this kitchen essential, and you want to keep the price under control, try the Motley Cutting Board from Sonder Los Angeles. This small company makes only four styles, but each one is beautiful, functional, and priced under 70 bucks. The walnut Motley is our favorite. It has a just-right 17-by-13-by-1.1-inch size, and its surface is inset with subtle stripes of cherry and oak, so it looks good enough to live on the counter full time or to remain on display at a dinner party. It has a well on one side that’s perfect for serving, though it’s not ideal if you want to chop on both sides. Walnut requires more frequent maintenance than teak, so if you’re looking for something a bit less involved, try the teak board we recommend.


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