Pooja Bhatt slams social media trolls: Report, block abusive behavior; ignoring them makes them direct hate elsewhere | Hindi Movie News

Pooja Bhatt in a lengthy thread on Twitter slammed social media trolls, calling out abuse and threats. “Social media or anti-social media? Motivated, misguided or inherently miserable people target those they wouldn’t normally have access to & those who dare go against popular opinion, unleashing abuse & threats. Ignoring them fuels their frustration & makes them direct hate elsewhere,” shared the actress.

Pooja went on to state that abusive behavior must not be ignored but should be reported, she wrote, “Not enough to merely ignore or mute any & all aggressive, abusive behaviour one observes. Report, block abusive behaviour towards one & all. We choose who we let into our homes so why permit our social media accounts to be inundated by motivated/misguided/inherently miserable souls? Criticism is one thing. Abuse quite another. Ignoring abuse seems to fuel those unleashing it to target more people. This has to stop. One can and should agree to disagree but having access to someone on social media doesn’t give anyone the right to make threats & hurl abuse.”

Alia Bhatt’s sister Shaheen had also shared screen shots of the rape and death threats she and her family, including Alia have been receiving on social media. Shaheen even threatened legal action against those sending her hate messages.

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