Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘FAN’ co-star Shikha Malhotra reveals why she is ‘scared’ after Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise | Hindi Movie News


Actress and healthcare worker, Shikha Malhotra made headlines when she returned to her medical career to serve in the fight against COVID-19.

Recently, she got candid about pursuing a career in films and even shared her fears that came to light post-Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic demise. In a live chat with Navbharat Times Online, the actress shared her woes about her film ‘Kaanchli’ that released in February and has been struggling to get a digital release. Admitting that it is upsetting that people still don’t know that her film released months ago, she said she feels like an “outsider” as the project didn’t get its due exposure.

Revealing that she reached out to several top banners and casting directors over the past years, she claimed that they all treated her like an outsider. She further went on to elaborate and say that people have been texting her saying that they want to see a ‘real hero’ like her on-screen, she says that she is an outsider.

Shikha also went on to add that she has become overly scared since Sushant’s death by suicide. Sharing her struggle, she said that since the actor’s passing people have been questioning “why” it happened. She says, that she had the answer to that question, and said that as a medical professional, she didn’t sleep and kept thinking about her films being turned down and no one willing to back it, she asked, “how long will it take for me to lose my mind?”

She also went on to state that besides OTT platforms deciding that they won’t release her film online, she revealed that while major films got over 3000- 4000 theatres, ‘Kaanchli’ got only got 75 theatres across India.

“I am a fresh face in the industry, no major production houses or directors will give me work. If someone has given me a chance, no matter how small a film it is, let my film release,” said an emotional Shikha.


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