Throwback Tuesday: THIS is what Hrithik Roshan has to say about falling in love again | Hindi Movie News


Hrithik Roshan separated from his childhood sweetheart and wife Sussanne Khan in 2014 after sharing a glorious and happy life together for more than a decade. Ever since then, the actor has been co-parenting his kids Hrehaan and Hridhaan with her.

In a throwback interview with Times of India, Hrithik opened up about the idea of falling in love again. He said, “I am so full of love that it’s not possible I won’t find love. At the same time, I don’t need another person to feel the feeling of love. I feel it all the time. But if you are asking about someone who I can share my joy and travels with, then yes, I may come across one. Or ten (smiles). Who knows?”

Apart from this, he also spoke about being the perfect father to his kids, Hrehaan and Hridhaan. He added, “My bond with my boys is true and strong, not just because they are my sons, but because we three are perfectly cast in characters that get along so well when we are together. Nothing remains special if you are not constantly pushing your imagination to discover and invent possibilities. Fatherhood didn’t just happen to me, I am deliberately living it, re-imagining it, and rediscovering it every day. It is as beautiful as I make it, just like anything else in life.”

Even after their divorce, Hrithik and Sussanne continue to share a great bond of friendship with each other. They are often seen going to the movies and vacations together with their kids. Sussanne also has moved in with Hrithik with their children during the lockdown so that they can stay safe together.


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