Throwback: When Sushant Singh Rajput revealed that dance helped him to express himself publicly | Hindi Movie News


On numerous occasions, Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput had spoken about being the shy and introvert guy. The ‘Kedarnath’ actor passed away on June 14th at his Bandra residence due to suicide. Recently, we stumbled upon an old interview of the late actor with a leading daily.

The actor was quizzed if it was through dance that he began to feel comfortable expressing himself publicly. He reportedly stated that he was never good at expressing himself. He would think something, but when he would say it, it would seem like there’s something amiss.

He never thought of this as an issue, because he was happy being a science student, studying engineering.

But when he joined dance school and started performing on the stage, he felt that he could actually communicate, even without words. The audience was getting affected by what he was doing on stage. So he decided to use the help of words also and began doing theatre.

Sushant passed away committed suicide on June 14 at his Mumbai residence. His funeral was held on June 15 at Vile Parle. Recently, the actor’s family organised a prayer meeting.


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