Vijay Varma feels there is only ‘one’ person targeting ‘Gully Boy’, says he stands by his film and the love it received | Hindi Movie News


Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Gully Boy’ received wide appreciation from the audience and the critics after it released. The film also won many awards this season which was viewed by many as a bit too excessive. Actor Vijay Varma recently opened up about the same with a news portal.

Talking about the same, he reportedly said that he was not present for any of these awards so he was missing out on the celebration that the team was having. The actor added that he felt like he was nominated for all these awards but never won anything. Speaking about the people who were saying the awards were bought, Vijay reportedly asked if so, then why one wasn’t bought for him in the supporting role. According to him, that’s not true because they went on to do several projects with him.

Elaborating more, he added that he considers all this baseless. According to him, it is basically one person targeting the film. For him, the film spoke to the nation. It was widely appreciated. It broke through the cultural archetype and became part of the pop culture of the country. He stated that he stands by his film and the love it received. He doesn’t doubt it at all.

Opening up about the debate of outsider and insider in Bollywood, Vijay reportedly said that he can’t choose a side because it is no longer voices. It’s noise right now. A noise that is very difficult to comprehend and understand. He added that he would really like a little more compassion and dignity in the conversation so he can understand what is happening. For him, right now it is just so binary in nature so he doesn’t want to be a part of it at all.

Elaborating on the same, he added that he feels like life is going to be tough, it is inevitable. Every classical writer, mythologist, the playwright has said life is going to be tough. So he asks people to use that as an excuse for any hidden agenda is not fair and the keechad (mud) thrown at each other is not appreciated. According to him, if the system needs to be reimagined, it has to be done with a lot of care, compassion and with real intent and with as little noise around it as possible.


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